Hi Folks – A statement of purpose

This is the opening post of the rest of my blog.  I am writing this blog to chronicle my life, have something to look back on, hold on to connections with my far flung homies and generally create a space where I can talk it through.  I am assuming that no one who does not know me in person will ever read this blog because, let’s be real, I’m not famous and who has time to get to know every lost soul on the internet?

I am in the midst of what has become commonly known as a quarter-life crisis.  A year and 3 months ago I graduated from a fantastic college (debt-free, holla at my magnanimous familia), was in love with the most adventurous, raucous, beautiful man I had ever met, had a job lined up that was going to enable me to both beef-up my linkedin and save the world, was full of zeal and righteous hell fire about fighting for the public interest and was on the verge of moving to one of the trendiest cities in the country. A year later, I still live in that trendy city and still love that beautiful man.  That’s about all that is the same.  After 8 months at the grindstone I had a come to jesus moment and left that “perfect” job.  I started questioning why I thought I was right about my outlook on life, why it mattered, who it mattered to, whether I should just shut the hell up and let other folks talk for a change, and what it really means to live your convictions.

That was all very tiring so I took a job as a receptionist for a financial firm.

After a month at this new and different grindstone, trying to put my foot in the door of the financial industry so many of my college classmates flocked to, I realized that my moral fiber elevated me to a plane that these money grubbing bureaucrats couldn’t aspire to simply because they were unable to acknowledge its existence.

JK lol I got fired.

But that ended up being the best outcome of that particular situation.  At least for me.  I am sure that firm is cursing that day thinking “If only we hadn’t let that tall ginger receptionist get away!  If she were here now she would have an entire new business plan for making millions and billions of dollars helping the rich get richer using her incredibly valuable and applicable experience planning canoe trips and organizing phone banks.”  Well joke’s on them this time because now I have a job that I am infinitely more qualified for, Operations Assistant for an online beauty retailer.

Now, I am not the most glamorous person on the planet.  I do not know what half of the things my company sells are supposed to do or what they are made of or why they are necessary for happiness or who buys a $50 face wash made of Hungarian tree bark, but whatever.  I am inspired by this company not because of what we sell but who we are.  This company’s founder is an independent woman who founded the company on her passion 14 years ago, grew the vision of the company into a business model and ran it on her own for years before it expanded enough to hire more people all while battling breast cancer, finding her bliss, getting married and having a baby and just generally having it all.  It is a place where your effort is valued because it is literally 20 people in a room making it work and figuring it out.  I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of the office, the fact that it is a 85% female workspace, that work life balance is really at the top of the list, the work does not consume my mind outside of the office allowing for the soul searching I am in search of, AND THERE IS A CABINET FULL OF FRUIT SNACKS IN THE BREAK ROOM.

So in general this is where I am.  I have this good, glucose-fueled job, my beautiful man, a lease on a good house in “such a nice neighborhood”, some good friends, and time.  Time is the most important.  This blog will chronicle the next phase of my life wherein I hope to do some internal work, reinvigorate my purposeful lifestyle, find my bliss and bike a lot (you’ll see).  So…here’s to hoping!

Thanks for reading,



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