The Trip

While I am definitely writing this blog to chronicle my life at large, there is also a specific part of my life I’d like to dedicate at least parts of the first year of this blog to:


Those of you who knew me in college know that there is a solid list of things your girl here cannot resist:

  • The opportunity to hold trivia in my living room
  • A good rant about Taylor Swift’s insensitivity to the history, culture, and legacy of colonialism in Africa (I see you Genevieve)
  • Smoothies…..but mostly mozz sticks

So since I left Hanover the biggest adventure I have had is moving out here and doing adult things.  I have life insurance now y’all.  Which means that I am way overdue for a looong wooonderful trip of my own creation (along with the help and input of the Dartmouth, Portland, and applicable sport interests groups which I will not give you hints at yet).  This trip is not just about adventure.  It is also to segment this part of my life.  I want to have an end point so I don’t get stuck in a rut I know I don’t belong in just because its comfortable.  Also I want to keep my relationship afloat and if homeboy sits still in one place doing the same thing for too long he loses his damn mind.  I consider this restlessness one of his best qualities and when the Joey alarm goes off its mean to shake things up or forever hold your peace (aka DO SOMETHING CRAZY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE).

So next summer we will be biking across the North American continent from Portland, OR to Portland, ME!  Here is roughly the route we will take:

dat map

So OK this map only goes from Portland to Hanover.  But we are totally going to leave Hanover and bike to the ocean.  *wink wink* Nah we will, we are follow-through kind of folk.

We are hoping to leave here around Memorial Day and spend the next 3ish months on the road riding through parts of this country hitherto unknown to my young life.  Our main land marks are:

  • Portland, OR
  • Tollgate, OR
  • Garden Valley, ID
  • Shell, WY
  • Fort Frances, MN
  • Terrace Bay, ON
  • Cape Vincent, NY
  • Hanover, NH
  • Portland, ME

Now comes the fun part:  where are you? do you want to ride a little while with us?  have you ridden any parts of this route before?

I am excited, I hope you are excited!  More posts to come about gear, route building, training, our thinking on the trip and also the rest of my life.

Much Love,



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