Route Change, new whip, and other (pup)dates

Hello, Hello, Hellooooooooooooo!

I have not posted about the bike trip in a good, long while.  That is not because it is not happening, we will still be leaving sometime in early to mid May with only what we can carry (or drag behind us, wait and see).  In fact, Joey and I made the most significant gear purchase for the trip in the last month:  2 brand spankin’ new Novara Randonees!

Stock photo, but swear to god, looks just like this

We are now the proud owners of these 2 matching REI-brand, part-sharing, tour-worthy, green machines.  We have made this very important and committing step in the bike trip because its about damn time and I wanted a bike that works.

I have not posted about it in the while because Joey and I have been working out the particulars and I have some changes to report.

Joey and Alice will not be returning to the East Coast this summer. At least not on bikes.

I know, what a bombshell.  I am sorry to disappoint our screaming fans that would no doubt fill the streets of towns from Niagara to Hanover to Portland (ME that is) upon our arrival, but it had to be so.  Chiefly because of the return journey.  We have decided to do a 3-month long loop of the most interesting parts of the Western United States.  Though the exact route is as of yet unclear (except for the portions chosen by Joey from previous trips he has made solo over the years, here is our general plan:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.39.15 PM
First Leg!
Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.44.45 PM
Second Leg!

The first and second legs of the journey are only separated by Google Maps’ ability to add destinations, we hope to cruise through the roughly 3,608 miles all at once (ish).  This is a tentative route but we hope to hit all the best most fun parts of the northwest quadrant of the country.  We also made these decisions while sitting comfy and warm in our bed, physically unaware of the harsh reality we are choosing. So to you lovely readers!  Do you have any insights on the following topics:

  • Have you ever crossed the canadian border on a bike?  Is it hard?
  • How to hit your favorite National/State Park within these general boundaries
  • What’s your favorite mountain pass in the Rockies/Cascades?
  • Where it would be most convenient for all of you lovely friends of ours to bike a couple days with us
  • AND FINALLY how to do this all with a very newly formed bundle of furry joy dragging along in a trailer behind!!!

You read that correctly, Joey and I will be expanding our household by 1 soon to be very large dog!  Our dear friends Alex and Zari and their furry brood have seen fit to allow the universe to experience the joy that is this litter of pups:

pup pile

One of these guinea-pig-sized, dog nuggets will be our new best friend.  With 1 year old, half newfie, half Pyrenees mama (Lady) weighing in at 120 ish lbs and three-year-old, full bred Pyrenees Dad (Dude) weighing in at just shy of 100 lbs, this new friend will grow up to be one hell of a bear on a leash.  But as these little loves were only born last week, and we can’t go down to the farm and get them until April (yea there’s a real farm where they all live its not a metaphor) they will have plenty of time under the watchful eye’s of mom and dad.

lady and the pups
New momma say what?
dude watch
Dude Dad stands watch

 I know, I know, this is a lot to take in.  I am going to wrap up this post here because although I’m not tryna leave you hanging I am also not tryna play all my cards in this hand ;).  But suffice to say that this blog is going to have a lot of reviews of dog related bike gear in the near future.  We also would love any and all advice you wonderful readers could provide on good, dog friendly attractions along the route!  Holla at me day or night, now that we are adding this little friend-maker, tail-shaker, oh the places we’ll go!


3 thoughts on “Route Change, new whip, and other (pup)dates

  1. So bummed we won’t see you in Portland Maine this summer. We were looking forward to it and even had a Llb dog bed already for the new addition! But we will look forward to hearing more about this adventure !


    1. Oh Martha that is so nice of you! I am sorry we won’t make it out to you :(. The main barrier was that we couldn’t figure out how to get back with a 90 lb puppy and 2 loaded bikes. You should come visit my folks in August and meet the whole gang!


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