Obligatory gear post!

Hello there gentle readers!  If you follow me on instagram (@alicearaptor, its supposed to sound like velociraptor, whatever) you have already seen approximately 1.37 billion pictures of my dog.  DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be relatively dog free, but for those of you who are only reading this blog for the puppy pics (no shame) I have included a slideshow of various puppy naps at the end of the post.


No good trip can come without good gear. We have finally bought our last round of parts and gear and now I have our final list!

Personal gear

  1. 2 pairs bike shorts (each–Joey likes the Novarra ones from REI, I bought cheaper ones called Aero Tech Designs on Amazon and they are fab)
  2. 1 mid layer, top and bottom (we already had these)
  3. 1 warm layer , top and bottom (fleece pants! fleece shirts! also already owned these)
  4. camp dress (that red one with the built in bra, y’all remember that?)
  5. as many full pairs of socks we can fit in our panniers (probs 5)
  6. 2 sports bras (only me)
  7. What were referred to me as “Biology panties”, those synthetic fabric underwear that biologists wear in the Amazon while doing research (also only me)
  8. 2-3 t-shirts.  (I know, I know, cotton bad, but bike jersey expensive)
  9. rain gear
  10. Chacos (duh)
  11. Bike shoes (Joey and I both have SPD pedals)
  12. 2 1L-bottles
  13. 1 3L-water bladder
  15. 1 pair shitty grocery store sunglasses
  16. Helmet (I have a Bell Lazer and Joey has his old ultra-light Giro something)

Camp Gear

  1. Sleeping bags (at least 20 degree)
  2. Hammocks (Joey has an Eno Double Nest, I have a double hammock from Next Adventure, the bombest outdoor store in Portland)
  3. Hammock tarps (for rain)
  4. Hammock straps
  5. Sleeping pads (keeps the wind off your back in the hammock)
  6. Extra webbing for a dog run
  7. 2-man Tent (for those nights when there are not trees to hammock under and it is too cold to sleep in the open)
  8. Dragon Fly stove from 2006 and a camp pot

Bike parts/tools

  1. 4 extra tubes for our bikes
  2. 2 extra tubes for the trailer
  3. 2 hand pumps (one for each of us)
  4. 1 extra pair brake pads
  5. 1 extra shifting cable
  6. 1 extra brake cable
  7. 2 17-part multi tools (crank bros 4 lyfe)
  8. 1 extra chain
  9. 2 master locks
  10. 1 homemade chain whip (yet to be seen, Joey is building it….)
  11. smattering of tire levers
  12. pedal wrench
  13. chain lube (LOL)
  14. zip ties and duct tape because when their powers combine, there is nothing they can’t beat.


  1. Adventure Cycling Association Maps
    1. Trans America map Part 4 (West Yellowstone to Missoula)
    2. Pacific Coast Route Parts 1-3 (BC to San Francisco)
  2. Joey’s Bike Path app
  3. institutional knowledge
  4. intuition
  5. wishing and hoping
  6. extra battery pack for our phones


  1. 1 pup
  2. pup bed that fits in trailer (covers half the trailer so he can have variety if he wishes
  3. 1 dog towel
  4. 1 storm trooper, well-loved
  5. 1 mini rope toy
  6. 3 teething bones courtesy of the wonderful Angela
  7. 2 collapsible dog bowls
  8. 1 collar
  9. 1 harness (too big right now but will probs fit next week)
  10. 1 6-foot leash
  11. about 10 lbs of food (oof)
  12. Mini chuck it for mini man


  1. Bikes: Novara Randonee
  2. Trailer: Burley Tail Wagon
    1. We agonized a lot over this purchase so I want to elaborate on this particular decision.  There are a million and 2 trailers out there and we chose this particular one based on the following factors:
      1. It is specifically designed for dogs (wide, solid base, removable floor for easy cleaning, vents and rain protection for a happy pooch)
      2. 75 lb weight limit, aka roughly 1 6-month old Ru
      3. Biggest trailer we could find that did not significantly increase our footprint on the road (big enough for nugget to have the space he needs and not stick out into the road)
      4. They sell it at REI so we were able to get double warranty (REI and Burley) and it was on sale at the time (we only ended up paying ~$200 for it after all was said and done)
      5. The internet loves this thing!  Well at least all the folks at Crazy guy on a bike.
  3. Panniers
    1. Joey went for the top of the line.  He got the Large Ortlieb back roll panniers.  Totally waterproof, drybag type design.  They have a 40L capacity and will keep our essentials warm and dry
    2. I got some slightly smaller, cheaper panniers.  I won’t be carrying that much group gear in mine because I am towing the pup!  I found them on Amazon and they seem to work just fine but we shall see….

We are trying to travel light, but we will inevitably bring too much.  Joey had the brainwave that if we haven’t used something by the time we get to Yellowstone, we should ship it home.  We are doing our first fully loaded shake down ride on Wednesday so we will see how this really goes.  Can I get over a mountain pass towing an ever increasing load of pup? 11 days and counting until we find out….


Now the promised Ru naps:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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