Days 17-19: Crater Lake!

Day 17 miles 576-610 Woke up by the lake, took nugget for many walks. I walked him to the campground bathroom and back around the loop, when I came back joey took him for the same walk, then we walked him along the lake path to take one last look at our beautiful aqueous neighbor. … Continue reading Days 17-19: Crater Lake!


Days 12-15

Day 12 miles 387-410 We woke up to the sound of rain this morning. Knowing it would last a while, we decided to wait to call it until 11. We spent the morning eating pb&j in our tent and snuggling the puppy. Ru absolutely loves the tent. He is the first one in when we … Continue reading Days 12-15

Days 10 and 11

Day 10 miles 279-338 Today was a loooong day. We got an early start from our camp spot on the northern edge of Humboldt Redwoods state park. We had a few more blissful miles of Avenue of the Giants and then we climbed to Loleta. After a mild climb we reached the town and went … Continue reading Days 10 and 11

Days 8 and 9: Avenue of the Giants

Day 8 miles 187-234 We made it out of Laytonville today. We were sad to go but knowing we have so far to ride makes me want to hit the road. It felt good to get back in the groove today. I hit a new top speed, 34 mph! We rode out of town north … Continue reading Days 8 and 9: Avenue of the Giants

Rest day round up

Days 5-7 We decided to stay the weekend! Joey and I have been hanging out at the farm our friends work on for the past few days. ┬áThe wonderful people we have met here have been feeding and sheltering is for the low low price of friendliness and sporadic farm chores. As someone whose self … Continue reading Rest day round up

Days 3-5: serious time

Day 3 miles 108-156 Experimenting with the 101. Joey courageously led me and ru through. The morning section of the 101 was alright, a couple of places with disappearing shoulders that made my heart rate spike a little. Then we meandered through some towns, sketched around a Safeway in Ukiah and bought some chamois cream … Continue reading Days 3-5: serious time

First few, miles 0-108

Day 1: miles 0-67.0 Things that are great Napa hills In n' out My new best friend the gorp bag The positive response we elicit because of Ru and his loveliness Our awesome campground At bothe Napa valley state park Little trooper ru Things that were rough The hills in Vallejo The traffic in Vallejo … Continue reading First few, miles 0-108