The Final Countdown

Tomorrow is the big day!  Tomorrow is the next day! Tomorrow is Tuesday!

*To the tune of Santa Clause is coming to town*

We are packing our bikes, checking them twice, washing our clothes, telling Ru to be nice.  Alice and Joey are finally busting out.

We’ve been carbo-loading and sleeping, in a bed nicer than the ground, but now the time is creeping, so we’ve just gotta leave town.

Talked a big game, and now the time came, we gotta leave now cause bailing is lame, Alice and Joey are finally busting out!

I am in a holiday mood on this hallowed eve of our departure.  Both excited and nervous, conscious of the tension of preparation but also of the fear of disappointment.  But true to my perceptions this past Christmas, the holidays are nothing but thinking makes it so.  And the trip looming before us is finally coming out of our thoughts and into the physical world.  We went on a training ride last week fully loaded to practice our route out of the East Bay, we have packed and repacked and now I can’t think of anything else to do but go! While we have been “ready” since Ru boy got his third round of shots, this was the day we decided on when we arrived in Walnut Creek and so it shall be done.

chilling in Benicia on our training ride last week
more Benicia
park puppy on a training ride

There is also this funny feeling of standing on a cliff’s edge today as well.  In front of us is a massive adventure, we have our parachutes and have been trained to use them, but when you haven’t jumped yet there is that impulse to throw yourself to safety rather than staring down the nose of the beast.  Time marches forward and tomorrow will come and go regardless of whether my tires meet the road, but I will be damned if this will pass me by.  I guess that feeling is what started the whole trip.  In Portland at our jobs, on the grind, I felt like I was losing site of who I wanted to be and my ultimate goal; self-sufficiency.  This trip is not supported, we are doing it ourselves.  Ok, we will be relying on grocery stores and my brother might come drive us around Yellowstone (thanks Nate you the illest) but onto we than that, it’ll be me and Joey and Ru and a hundred pounds of forethought getting us from A to B(ritish Columbia) and then back to A.

In other words, I AM SO STOKED and we are ready willing and able to get there tomorrow.  Our first leg will be Walnut Creek to Laytonville via Napa.  I will be journaling everyday and posting when able, can’t wait to get going….as soon as we put all this stuff back in the panniers.

who doesn’t love a good gear-splosion




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