First few, miles 0-108

Day 1: miles 0-67.0

Things that are great

  • Napa hills
  • In n’ out
  • My new best friend the gorp bag
  • The positive response we elicit because of Ru and his loveliness
  • Our awesome campground At bothe Napa valley state park
  • Little trooper ru

Things that were rough

  • The hills in Vallejo
  • The traffic in Vallejo
  • The flat tire I got in Vallejo
  • Fucking Vallejo

Over all good, ru won’t poop but we hope he’ll figure it out soon.  We hit the road at 6:15 this morning, sent off by my parents.  I forgot to say goodbye to Fido, I am awful.  We rode on the Iron Horse Trail to the Contra Costa Canal Trail (both rail to trail bike paths) and then rode surface streets through Martinez and over the bridge to Benecia.  We had done that section before during one of our training rides so it was smooth sailing and we got to optimize the route a little through our experience.  That third of the day was the least eventful.

In the next third of the day our goal was the In n’ Out in Napa.  With that shining animal style beacon in the sky we at tampered to cross the lost land of Vallejo. To be real, Vallejo kicked my ass.  Nobody wanted us on the road and there were some borderline seussical hills. While pushing my rig up in of these I shed one panicked tear until the pitch of the backside of the hill reminded me that adding all this weight to my bike has its advantages as well.  Then we took a couple wrong turns , got a flat tire and then finally climbed our way out of that godforsaken place.

After our fantastic lunch we cruised through Napa.  We were on the Silverado Trail for the better part of the day and enjoyed relatively flat land and great views of the wineries and hills Rollin along the edges of the valley.

We ended our journey camping at Bothe Napa Valley State Park.  We arrived and the cheerful blonde park employee gave us directions to our campsite “Turn Right and go to the very top of the big hill, the bike sites are all the way in the back.”  Whose bright idea was it to put the bike sites at the top of the tallest hill in the park? Brilliant.

Feeling good but I am starting to realize what an advantage it is that joey has done this before.  He is being really nice to me though because he is just so excited we’re here.  Looking forward to tomorrow!
Day 2, miles 67-108

Shorter day today to help us get into the swing, but we did have some milestones:

  • I ran over a snake
  • We saw another bike tourer with a dog
  • Ru sleep so soundly on the ground at the campsite a vulture started circling

We headed up on 128 through Napa Valley and touched Simi and Alexander Valleys as well.  More wineries, but now as the valley opens more (or as the estates get bigger and further between who can say) the rows stretch miles in each direction, continuous lines over multiple hills.  The sight of the fields is mesmerizing from the back of the bike.  Rows grow from less to more and back to less distinct like a visual doplar effect.

We stopped in Cloverdale for a snack and decided to make camp early tonight, choosing a spot just 5 miles out of town.  We’re on the banks of the Russian river for the night.

We’ve done our wash and fed the pooch, soon we’ll make zucchini tacos with hot sauce swiped from a Taco Bell and life could not be better.

Pictures will be added when my service is better 😁


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