Rest day round up

Days 5-7

We decided to stay the weekend! Joey and I have been hanging out at the farm our friends work on for the past few days.  The wonderful people we have met here have been feeding and sheltering is for the low low price of friendliness and sporadic farm chores.

As someone whose self professed goal is to own a self sustaining farm at in the next half of my life, watching the beginnings of the season at a productive farm is as instructive as it is enjoyable.  I got to plant pepper starts, water the green house and kitchen garden and hear a lot of reasoned discussion and explanation for the way things are put together at the beginning of the season.  I love the energy of seasonally time sensitive work in the dirt.  When a plant needs to go in the ground, you just have to put it there and the cost of inaction is your own yield.  This farm demonstrates most to me the feeling that if you work to produce food you are beholden to no master.  You control the means of production for your own body.  Of course that is restricted to greens at the moment but the bounty will come once an equal value of work had been asserted on this end of the cycle.

This time has clearly made us wax rhapsodical on the benefits of a life closer to the earth.  We have met a lot of people livin how we’d like to out here and we are thinking of coming back here to join them at the end of the trip.

Ru has been really loving the time with his family as well.  There are about 6 of his litter mates in the area and he has made good use of his play time.

Little puppy gang has been running the town since we arrived.  People flee before them and run in terror of their iron rule.  Just kidding they are all just fluffy nugget dogs.  Having a puppy in this litter has made us inherently trustworthy in this community, which is a welcome change of pace from the suspicion of the road.  Not that people are scared of us or hostile, we just don’t have to convince people what we are all about.

We are leaving at first light tomorrow morning and entering the Avenue of the Giants.  Giant redwood trees and good times are all that await us.  We have also added a solid landmark to the agenda.  We will be in Yellowstone on June 13th.  My magnanimous brother, Nate, has reserved us a campsite and will spend the next few days with us seeing all the geysers and all the geothermal goodness the landscape has to offer.

So folks, look alive!  We will be passing through the following cities in the next two weeks:

  • Eureka
  • Crescent city
  • Medford/Grant’s Pass
  • Bend

Hit me up telephonically if you want to hang in any of these places,  here’s to making it an average of 40 miles a day to yelly belly.


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