Days 35-45 Yellowstone to Missoula, miles 1511-1867

Days 35-37--YELLOWSTONE  My brother Nate and our friend from college, Cat, came out to do the Yellowstone with us! After seeing the park roads and the conduct of the motorists within the park I was happy to see them, but also happy to have a car to get safely between natural wonders The first day … Continue reading Days 35-45 Yellowstone to Missoula, miles 1511-1867


Days 33-34: countdown to Yellowstone 

I have neglected the blog in the last week. Here is a little summary of the days before Yellowstone! Day 33 1375-1456 Busted out of the KOA not as early as we wanted. Got bad vibes in Arco in the morning maybe it was the radiation Rode on through the valets again. We skirted the … Continue reading Days 33-34: countdown to Yellowstone 

Days 30-32 eastern Idaho part 1

Day 30 mile 1200-1265 We have ascended. Today we topped out the great continental plateau that will carry us to Yellowstone. From now on we will not really dip below 5000 ft until Yellowstone, maybe until Canada! The start of the day was rough. We woke late by choice. After many many early mornings to … Continue reading Days 30-32 eastern Idaho part 1

Boise and the beginning of Idaho

Day 27 miles 1035-1095 Today was a day! I guess that is true of all days but especially this one. Today I crossed a new state off my list: IDAHO. We started out with the massive downhill from the top of Keeney Pass. Those fast five miles put us in a good mood for the … Continue reading Boise and the beginning of Idaho

Days 23-26: eastern Oregon

Day 23-26 miles 740-1035 Preface: Please excuse my delay in posting!after the desert when I had a chance to breathe I realized I had no service. All is well, we are great, stay tuned for the details of the last week. We hauled ass! For the last four days we have made our way from Bend … Continue reading Days 23-26: eastern Oregon

Days 20-22 Bend

Day 20 miles 685-740 Oh man today was a big day. I woke up with Ru around 5:15 in the morning. When he decides he's awake in our 7'x4' two man tent there is no stopping him. He will whine and scratch and jump on us until we wake upfront fear he'll rip a hole … Continue reading Days 20-22 Bend