Days 33-34: countdown to Yellowstone 

I have neglected the blog in the last week. Here is a little summary of the days before Yellowstone!
Day 33 1375-1456
Busted out of the KOA not as early as we wanted. Got bad vibes in Arco in the morning maybe it was the radiation
Rode on through the valets again. We skirted the mountains and headed north. We could see the tail of the range Arco sits at the base of all day, making it seem more and more like we not moving. But we were!
We covered a lot of rolling ground. At one point we were worried we would not have service. I saw those little dots flash when we stopped for a water break and I began to panic. We really needed a rest day at this point and I could not handle the thought of logistics postponing it. We found a great empty park next to a church (it was Sunday and the whole town was occupied therein) with a picnic shelter that had outlets and went to work making the plan. At this juncture it was clear to me that we would not make it all the way there under our own power so we picked a convenient intersection with a gas station on 20 south of west Yellowstone and called it good.
Pushed on through the nothingness to Dubois, Idaho. The afternoon was not super noteworthy, more rolling terrain and wide open sage dusted skies. We got to Dubois and went to the only store in town. They had a pretty limited selection but I found some secret vegetables in the back no one else seemed to want and then we set off. We have learned from other tour bikers that if a field has a gate that is not locked and there isn’t a no trespassing sign you can just waltz on in (provided you close the gate behind you). So we camped in cow pasture. At first I was worried we would get told off but people just kept driving by and waving so we were cool.
Day 34 1456-1511
We made it to Yellowstone (mostly).
Set out early because we were worried the cows would come back. We could hear them moo-ing and stamping around over the next crest and thought it best to just clear out of their way. We had to go another 50 odd miles to the rendezvous point and after two hard weeks with no rest days I was worried we wouldn’t even make it that far.
We cruised most of the day. We had a slight tail wind and the terrain was relatively forgiving. We were pedaling happily alone on a county road and times were good. Then the road turned to gravel for 10 miles. This slowed us down and sapped our energy. Not only that it beat us down even more. We finally regained the pavement and went on another few miles. We reached the intersection and collapsed, bought a bunch of cookies and found some shade (not in that order). Then there was nothing to do but organize our stuff and wait.
When that green Audi station wagon pulled in and revealed two people who already know and love us I almost lost it. Thank god they won’t ask if Ru is a St Bernard.


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