Days 63-66; the Cascade Passes part 1

Day 63: Sherman pass, end mile 2604 We woke up at the Barnaby Creek Campground on the shores of Lake Roosevelt. The rolling hills the day before had really done Joey in. Pulling the Ru is getting to be a bigger and bigger challenge. Only of course because the Ru is getting bigger and bigger. … Continue reading Days 63-66; the Cascade Passes part 1


Days 51-62 Goodbye Montana, hello Spokane and back into the woods

I heard an interview with an author by the name of McPhee while listening to Oregon Public Broadcasting from the app on my phone the other day. ¬†Although I am not familiar with his work I was made to believe that he is quite prolific. ¬†He is also famous for his in depth research into … Continue reading Days 51-62 Goodbye Montana, hello Spokane and back into the woods

Days 49-50: GLACIER

Days 49 and 50: Glacier chillin We stayed in Glacier for three nights. The hiker/biker site at Sprague Creek was so inviting and the lake so wonderful, I saw fit to stay in that vicinity the entire time. While most people have told me where to go hiking and things that I couldn't miss in … Continue reading Days 49-50: GLACIER

Days 46-48 Missoula to Glacier

Days 46-47 miles 1867-1973 On Saturday we woke up late. We had reluctantly decided to leave Missoula to continue our journey northward but also decided to do only 30 miles to soften the blow. Our wonderful warm showers hosts had invited us to come to an event at Imagine Nation Brewery the night before and … Continue reading Days 46-48 Missoula to Glacier