Tour Bikers Guide for Filthy Casuals, an Introduction

Hello Gentle Readers!

Now that the trip is good and done I want to set down what I learned in guide for future tour bikers like me; filthy casuals.  While Joey is as hardcore as they come, I have always been a dabbler.  I flit between hobbies and alight open the petals of new adventures as my heart desires and…..I never quite feel like I know what I’m doing.  But I am doing so now I want to share what I’ve learned.

But first I must explain the term “filthy casual”:

filthy casual (n): Term borrowed from the gaming world. One who is in over their head, does not have the experience or gear to be taken seriously, and from the outside looks to be totally and utterly screwed (but probs isn’t).

Joey and I brought this term out of the online forums and applied it in new ways to the adventure sports community.  During my time in the Dartmouth Outing Club I often felt disdain at my inexperience.  The leaders didn’t want to lead beginner trips, didn’t want to teach you things you should already know, and laughed at your smartwool/chaco combo until you had proved yourself.  Like my rise to relative power within that community (muahaha) my ascendance to bike touring status took a lot of trial and error coupled with the ol’ “Florence Foster Jenkins” technique.  They might say that a couldn’t bike tour, but they can’t say that I didn’t.

Most guides are written from a place of weight, with much jargon and seriousness.  As a filthy casual myself, I am writing this guide without the pretension of authority.  This may limit the depth of my knowledge in some areas but I assure you the 90 days just spent on the road give me a breadth of knowledge to rival the pros.  So for the next week I will be putting up posts to aid in planning trips on the following topics:

So come with me on this magical mystery tour of beginner bike touring and staying alive through the trip of your life.

Do I look like I know what I’m doing?  NO.  Did I do it?  YES.



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