Mid-Season Check-In and a Shower

"I am now too dirty for felted soap" I thought as the multi colored wool my mother so carefully attached to the soap in my hand turned brown.  I scrub at my legs and the soap turns muddy and stops foaming.  Maybe these finer things were meant for people not so thoroughly caked in mud. … Continue reading Mid-Season Check-In and a Shower


Feeding the Feud: Rural Neighbor Relations

Spring has come to the southern Willamette Valley!  In its own way, at least.  In the time since I last wrote to you, gentle readers, the snow has melted, the temperatures have warmed, some buds have opened but alas the rain has not quite stopped.  But agricultural laments aside, the season has changed and we … Continue reading Feeding the Feud: Rural Neighbor Relations

Ascending to the Middle Generation

I have always seen families in a three tiered structure; Grandparents, parents, children.  This is how my family worked growing up.  We had only these three generations and activities and groupings were always divided along those lines.  Kid's tables, mommy's day out, summers at grandpa's, everything about my family seemed to revolve around this hierarchy. … Continue reading Ascending to the Middle Generation

Fill your pantry (and your heart, oh gawd)

Winter is approaching here in the southern Willamette Valley.  The trees have turned from the verdant beckoning of summer, through the fiery torch of autumnal oranges and yellows to the spindly fingers of winter reaching up to the grey, matte sky.  Though, I shouldn't discount the lush promise of a Pacific Northwest winter.  As the … Continue reading Fill your pantry (and your heart, oh gawd)

Butchering; a story of inner conflict

I didn't sleep much last night.  It had something to do with the little-too-much wine I had and a lot to do with the prospect of killing something larger than a bug on purpose for the first time.  Our landlords/mentors, Bonnie and Erin had told us the day before that they were planning to butcher … Continue reading Butchering; a story of inner conflict